Building a Fall Wardrobe

With Fall just around the corner, you want to assess your current wardrobe and see what you might need to add in order to punch up your look and enhance your choices. When you are building out your fall wardrobe, you want to have several basics as well as some fun accessories that will take you from casual to dressy.

It is handy to have a couple of good basic pairs of jeans in indigo and black. You also want to find a good basic pant that can be worn with flats or heels. Black usually works with everything. Buy a pant that fits well and looks flattering. Shorter women need a smaller leg, whereas a woman 5’5″ or over can wear a skinny jean to a wide leg. All pant leg widths are in, so you can go with what you feel looks best on you and feels comfortable.

Then, add tops you love – all sorts of new styles are fun for Fall this year and you can find a look you love in blouses, tunics, dusters, cardigans…etc.

When buying tops and tunics look at the following fits:
Wide leg pants need a closer fitted top. Its OK to wear any length but pay attention to your proportions. Shorter women, or those under 5’5″, can wear smaller legged jeans paired with long or short tops fitting close to the body. Women of average height and tall women can wear small legs with fuller tops or more fitted tops.

Fun for Fall are patterned or embellished jeans! If you have one trendy item, you should splurge on a pair of embellished jeans. Fall is showing tears, patches, leopard cuffs, rhinestones, and embroidery on these classic comfy items.

When wearing full legged pants you always want to wear a more fitted blouse, top or tunic. But, keep in mind when wearing full legs and full tops (no matter the tops length) it makes one look heavier. Since NO one wants to look bigger than they are – make sure you love the look and ask a trusted friend if it is a good look for you!

So, what about patterns? There are some great ones out for the Fall! Buffalo checks, small checks, stripes of all sizes, velvet, suede, suede feel, denim, cotton, jersey are some of this falls must have fabrications and looks. Even florals which we usually think of as being just for spring and summer are IN! Florals have a great soft and romantic look this season – and embroidery and beading is in with a bohemian and vintage feel.

It’s great to add a jacket in the mix and you have lots of fun choices – whether its frayed denim, soft camo, classic denim, or a tailored look. And vests are in as well, with lots of styles to choose from – leightweight puffers, reversible, prints, ethnic and bohemian looks – are all great choices.

Cardigans and long dusters can enhance your look as well as work to keep you comfortable. Choose from both solids and prints. Lightweight is always easier to wear because layering is more comfortable. Also, it makes one look smaller without as much bulk. Light weight, boxy sweaters in light colors add some pizazz to any pant.

Blouses have made a comeback in the last 2 years – in many styles including buttondowns and slipovers. Lots of prints are available as well.

Finally, accessories are a great way to enhance any look. Long pieces worn with a tunic or duster or chunky, short statement pieces are great ways to add your own style and make a statement. Be sure when you buy a piece – no matter the cost – to buy so it can he worn with lots of pieces of your wardrobe. And add to any outfit with a beautiful scarf. This Fall scarves are a must have!

Laura’s Boutique in Abilene TX is a specialty boutique carrying lots of styles of clothing – from the classic to the fun and trendy. We offer many exclusives with French Dressing jeans, Renuan, Tribal, and Alisha D being four of our major lines.

Every woman knows what she likes in color. Choose these colors an work your wardrobe with these. And if you need some help – we love to work with you to find your best look!

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