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The Latest Rage in Denim: French Dressing Jeans Make Every Pair of Jeans Your Favorite Pair of Jeans
I am not sure what I expect the piles of jeans in my closet, that I cannot or will not wear, to do for me. If the piles were as loyal to me as I am to them, I would be the queen of the jeans. I can’t bring myself to throw them away or donate them. Whether I believe I will get back into them or be forced to wear them again, I am somehow devotedly committed to keeping them in spite of the fact – I never ever wear them.

On my husband’s side of the closet, there is no such tabernacle. If he tears a pair of jeans, he tosses them. If they don’t zip he buys new ones, if they are too big, he donates them. He is not manipulated by his jeans.

And perhaps this when my ears perked up when first learned about French Dressing Jeans. They sounded mysterious and… French. French? Oui?
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Well, judging by the pile of jeans in my closet I am willing to try just about anything. Aren’t the French eating fatty cheeses, creamy sauces, and drinking lots of wine? That will mean breaking out the plus size stack of jeans. That really doesn’t sound appealing. Yet, I am here to confess, “Je Suis Amoureux!”

I am in love with French Dressing Jeans!

Friends, every pair of jeans can be your favorite pair of jeans, no really. Premium denim made by women for women that retain its shape and doesn’t bag at the knees or the bum. These jeans look like they were made specifically for me and they stay like that! So many jeans have a little Lycra-Spandex, and by the end of the day they are hanging off me, not FDJ, they retain their shape and look fantastic!

Premium denim that retains its shape and keeps you looking slim and trim is what makes French Dressing Jeans the best choice in jeans for every shape and size. I am undone by photos of women who find the perfect fit every time and that fit has staying power which speaks volumes.

So I confess, I have kicked my shrine of jeans to the curb. I have a smaller pile now that only includes 3 pairs of FDJ. Better 3 I love than 3 I barely tolerate. Stop the insanity. Wear what you love – and you will love French Dressing Jeans! So, dress well my friend.
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