Let’s Chat: The Importance of Jewelry

Hi all! Happy 2018! We hope your year is off to a fabulous start.

Let’s talk about jewelry and the importance of adding accessories with your favorite outfit. Jewelry is such a personal thing, but I can’t stress the importance of it enough. Whether you like simple, elegant pieces that are more on the dainty side OR big, bold pieces that are more on the chunky side every single woman needs to add a touch of something she loves. Any fashionable outfit will not feel complete or polished without an added touch of personality. Jewelry does that!  Jewelry makes the statement for you.

Let’s look at it from another perspective: decorating a house. No matter how much “stuff” you have; even if you tend to go more minimal with the “things” in your life you will want to add texture or pictures that make it feel like a home. Adding jewelry to your wardrobe is like personalizing the house that you live in. It adds an element of sophistication.

Even if you purchased the most expensive outfit at the very top of your budget, it wouldn’t feel or look complete without the gorgeous accessories. Wearing jewelry is all about expressing yourself.  Think quality over quantity. Not necessarily having an abundance of jewelry, but rather owning pieces that really speak to you and make you feel happy. Also, just a side note: when famous actresses/women walk the red carpet they explain not only their wardrobe designers, but jewelry as well!

I personally like a mixture of classic and funky, but each individual person is different. What is your style?  Is it a mix? Does it depend on your mood? Classic always? Clothes are obviously a VERY important aspect of our boutique, but the jewelry is just as important. Until the next fashionable topic. 😉




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