Fun and Trendy Scarves

How to Tie One On and Make Your Wardrobe Go the Distance

Scarves. The Sweet to your Tea, the cream to your coffee and the I to your phone. This is the key ingredient that every single one us needs to add to our wardrobe to expand our budget and our horizons.

Picture this, the perfect pair of French Dressing Jeans, a starched, crisp white collared button down blouse, oversized with tiny pearl buttons. Okay, all that is well and good but now imagine that clean and easy ensemble with 10 different scarves. Shazam!

Tie them high, wrap up like a shawl, drape over a shoulder with Grannies turtle dove broach, or loosely knotted like you just don’t care… but spent fifteen minutes getting it there. This is the beauty of scarves.

The options are endless. The styles are timeless. And frankly, whether we realize it or not, another’s recollection of how often we wear something is well, nill. That’s right, nada. However, the way you wear a scarf or sacrves, the different ways you tie them and the the myriad of ways that enhance your wardrobe further confuse onlookers leading them to only believe, “GIRL HAS IT GOING ON!!!!”

The simple truths of scarf wearing are that a simple black knit dress with black riding boots is just that – simple – unless of course you have a dozen of the most GORGEOUS sacrves on the planet. Then you have yourself options upon options that make that black knit dress and black knit lotto winning.

For my bustier readers let me remind you when picking scarves opt for a thinner material and tie below your bust line, over the shoulder or wear shawl style. Tying too much bulk over well-endowed girls makes for a bunch of bunchiness that takes away from the waist line and bulks up the neck and face. Soft and flowing is going to make for smoother lines and a more flattering flow.

Other than that, just about anything goes!

Scarves have very few rules and this is why they are such a fun accessory. One day they are a belt and the next day they are a turban! From shawl to ascot. Of all the great scarves lining any given closet the best ones are the ones that have colors and textures you ADORE.

And when it comes to texture, this is a fashion forget about it that more of us should remember! From burlap to lace, if it speaks to you or reflects your fancy by all means, WEAR IT! And don’t be afraid to combine textures. That seafoam green silk blouse looks gorgeous with a bulky open weave wool loop scarf when you rock it like it was born that way!

Confidence is key when combining pieces you love. So tie one on and expand your vision and your wardrobe this fall with colors, patterns and textures by trying new scarves in a wide assortment! Dress well friend!

If you want help in finding the perfect scarf for a gift or for a particular outfit – let us be your personal shopper in Abilene TX?

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