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Buying the Perfect Pair of Pants

Your sweetie yells at you “Just pick some pants and let’s go!” Seriously? How do they do this, dress this simply?

But what is lost on him, is the wide variety of “pants,” we must choose from. To our guys, pants encompass the coverings they put on one leg at a time and fall under every category from jeans to pajamas.

For us, it is one leg at a time but is that leg boot cut or skinny? Ankle or Capri? Trouser? Dress pant, wide leg? Cuff?

And never is it as simple as the latest fall fashion, as it is with someone, such as good ole Kathlene, with Viking cankles.

Kathlene, the poor gal, what she cannot fashion is capris. She is wise enough to have long since stopped grieving this.

If a gal isn’t made to wear one type of pant, it is just time to move on to the next thing. Trying to make yourself into a skinny jean girl just because they come in size 28 doesn’t really make them skinny jeans love. And that is okay. Here is the real issue. Do you think they are skinny jeans? No, you don’t. Be like Kathlene. Know the truth about yourself and your jeans and walk away from that that makes no sense on your body.

Why waste your money on something that doesn’t look and feel fantastic? Capri’s make Kathlene’s ankles look like hundred-year-old tree stumps. Why bother to look as fantastic as you know you look in that rose embroidered tunic with gold hoop earrings if you are going to pair it with pants that make your ankles look like concrete barriers?

No, that tunic is best accompanied by super soft, fitted leggings and rose-colored flats. The leggings are slimming, the tunic elongates, and Kathlene walks taller knowing, her ankles – which she abhors, are covered.

When picking the perfect pants, it isn’t what is perfectly “in” it is more what is the most perfect fit for you specifically.

And if you are addicted to online shopping be fully committed to the full process of buying and trying. You work hard for your money. Online shopping is only convenient when you are willing to do the work of returning things you cannot use or do not want! Shop like a boss and as always, dress well, friend.

Haven’t you always dreamed of having a personal shopper even in Abilene TX? At Laura’s Boutique we would love to help you find the perfect pair of pants – or a whole wardrobe of pants! We can also help you find the perfect top or tunic to go with that great pair of pants you just found!

Come see us today at 3214 South 27th St. or call us at (325) 691-0332 for more information on the brands we carry and our inventory. We look forward to hearing from you!

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