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Top or Tunic – A Dressing Dilemma?

A great pair of jeans or leggings is nothing but inappropriate without its counterpart. But, let’s be clear, why waste a shapely waist with our beloved, perfect fit jeans by covering up that which is meant to be uncovered? Here is where tunics and tops part ways.

Tunics, which traditionally reach near the knees or just above and can be sleeveless or not, are loose fitting and flowing. This type of blouse is an excellent accent to today’s fashionable tight fitting leggings, also making a more modest cover for all the stuff leggings tend to reveal.

A top, on the other hand, can be described as anything from a t-shirt to a form fitting button-down. How about a super soft turtleneck or a wispy blouse? These can be categorized as a top, and almost any top can be coupled with a great pair of jeans, slacks, capris, shorts, skorts, or otherwise bottoms, even (gasp) culottes, if you dare.
The top bottoms out when our bottoms are overexposed by too much disclosure which is readily fixed with a free flowing, comfortable and classic tunic. Tunics lend even more variety when belted, layered, or scarved.

With limitless textures, lengths, sleeve options, and necklines, tunics are lobbying for more space in our wardrobe line-ups and allowing for grand opportunities to comfortably wear those fave leggings without worrying about showing off too much bottom by only wearing a simple top.

And while a daintier frame can get away with jeans and a tunic, mind your full-length images when choosing tops and bottoms. Also, keep in mind when choosing a tunic if you are on the petite side a tunic can be mistaken for a dress and give the illusion you are standing in a hole.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but a full-length mirror is the kind of friend that will tell you if your top is too short, your jeans are too skinny, and that you have spinach in your teeth. Don’t neglect her. Dress well, friends.

Laura’s Boutique has a great variety of tops, tunics, blouses and more – no matter your shape or style. Let us help you find the perfect fit!

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