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Bring on the bling!

Of all the things that bring the sass to our flash, it would have to be the bling. Don’t we all just love jewelry?

Whether it is the chunky and funky, or the classic and demure, jewelry is the icing on the cupcake.

And while styles come and go, it is quite common for our tastes in jewelry to remain constant. The big chunky pieces of the 80’s may rotate through our lists of what’s in, but if a bracelet that can double as a lifesaving device isn’t your “thing” now, it probably never will be.

Sometimes, as we let go of the juvenile we begin to revel in the timeless – a brooch from an antique store in London, a pair of turtle clip-on earrings with jade eyes from a thrift store in Albuquerque, and a rhinestone and “pearl” necklace that still looks heavenly with a favorite pair of jeans and a black t-shirt.

Isn’t that the key? To not just look well-accessorized, but feel well-accessorized? You may love a good statement necklace on your best friend Tina, but if it doesn’t feel right on you, then you won’t want to wear it – so what would be the point?

Sometimes with jewelry, there is the symbolic or the emotional aspects of the pieces as well as the appropriateness of the piece. So while you may adore the Hello Kitty necklace you got for your twelfth birthday, it isn’t something you may feel appropriate wearing at 40.

Jewelry should most importantly highlight from a place of suitability. Both where it reflects the depth of your

character and the depth of the piece’s meaning. You shouldn’t necessarily have to explain or apologize for a piece of bling. Even if an accent piece is over the top, if it is justly worn, it should speak for itself.

So while some pieces of jewelry can’t help but be demanding, even show-stoppers, remember to adjust the outfit as to accommodate. It isn’t necessary to let jewelry you love go out of style, it is just a matter of styling your jewelry to always roll with your unique and comfortable style. Accessories should never take over the lead role, but only be an add on to the main feature. You. Dress well, friend.

If you would love help in choosing the right bling for you or a particular outfit – let us be your personal shopper in Abilene TX?

Come see us today at 3214 South 27th St or call us at (325) 691-0332 for more information on the brands we carry and our inventory. We look forward to hearing from you!

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