Stepping out of your box!

Hello to all my fellow fashionistas!

I want to discuss a few ways on how to step out of your personal “box” and try different trends or styles you could come to love! With that being said, everyone has a unique sense of style. Personally, that is what I love about the fashion industry.

  I want to be very clear: in my retail experience, I never want to make someone feel uncomfortable. I strive for the customer I am helping to feel good and confident in the clothing they choose to purchase from Laura’s. With that being said, stepping out of your box by your choosing can be fun and liberating. The subject of clothing and retail in general is not necessarily about being vain, but more so, if you feel confident in what you are wearing and how you present yourself it can change your world and outlook on life. (Although let’s be real, sometimes sweats/comfy clothes are necessary for mental health too!) No matter your budget, you should feel comfortable with the items in your closet. 

Let’s get this party started! Below are a few ideas.

  1. Don’t love a lot of color? More of a neutral gal? Believe me, I understand. Spice things up by buying a colorful scarf or fun statement necklace. Bring color to your outfit in other ways until you feel comfortable buying a colorful blouse or something with a bold pattern. 
  1. Have mostly neutral shoes? Try something outside of your box with embellishments or a pop of color. OR vice versa if you buy mostly colorful shoes spring for a brilliant neutral. (Hear me: I am not talking buying something you absolutely hate.) Story time: One time my mom (I still cherish her advice) talked me into bright orange flats. They were Sam Edelman; I remember them well. It was a shoe that I thought I might wear every once in a while, but I went ahead and took the plunge. Guess what? They grew to be one of my favorites and I wore them out.
  1. Try a new trend! Currently, the “cold shoulder” is popular as well as embroidery. Try it! It may not be suitable for work, but you might find your new favorite top for the weekend or possibly vacation. If you do not feel comfortable with the idea of the “cold shoulder” try a trend that shows less skin! There are tops with cut outs that are not quite as showy and placed on the arms instead. 
  1. Try a new color or print that you do not tend to gravitate towards. At the moment pastels are trending. (lavender and soft pinks are huge) Try a pastel tee or blouse. If you are not typically a print lover go for something subtle.

  Sometimes change can feel good. It may be something small or it may be something large, but it could potentially spark something inside of you. New adventures, more confidence, more risks… the possibilities are endless. My final piece of advice: please try on before making any purchases for a new trend or style. If purchasing online, please be familiar with return policies. Do not add anything to your wardrobe that you do not absolutely love. Good luck in your search for fun, fashionable, and new!

Until next time,


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